Network Enclosures

Fluid Flow Thermal System

This IcePak system monitors and manages thermal dynamics for network enclosures.  For example, this product was designed to give a complete thermal profile.  Altogether, this system was able to:

  • Determine the number and size of fans a system requires
  • Determine flow rate of each fan
  • Makes changes based on varying thermal analysis
  • Gives board layout scenarios for optimal temperature management
  • Turn the systems on and monitor the internal temperature, specifically the fans & boards

Protocol Analyzer

Used in the development of improved network enclosures, the Protocol Analyzer used custom-extruded aluminum trim and in-house mechanical design.  In this case, the product was created to test server connectivity and speed.  We designed this network enclosure with with non-machined parts.  As a result, we were able to reduce the per unit cost by 80%.

Mercury Chassis

Created for high speed graphic design production, the Mercury Chassis design features replaceable fan and circuit board systems for easy in-rack maintenance.  In this case, our engineer team designed this network enclosure for BlueArc, the company that developed the animation of the award winning movie Avatar.

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