Medical Enclosures

The medical enclosures we have designed have passed all electronic, safety, and environmental testing. The medical enclosures we designed are efficiently manufactured while maintaining a high level of quality.

Defibrillator Calibration

Our engineers paid close attention to detail while creating an enclosure that needed to meet certain specifications.  Our 3D Printer was truly the key component in creating a design plan that ensured an exact enclosure of the calibration device.

Generator Redesign

St. Judes Medical, a customer of Quality Tool, decided to utilize the design services in order to lower manufacturing costs.  The original design was expensive and not efficient to manufacture.  In fact, the original welded design caused the product to warp.  QTI developed an efficient design and eliminated the warping.  In fact, we were able to decrease manufacturing costs by 50%.  For more information, read our Manufacturability Case Study for more detailed information.

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