Concept Through Production—A Full Service Approach

The year is 1995

Quality Tool’s engineers are experts of sheet metal design and the customers want to lower their manufacturing expenses.  After realizing the demand, our executives decided to begin offering a design service.  Developing products that are efficiently manufactured was, and still is, the main purpose of QTI Design & Prototype. We have become a manufacturing superstore in the sense that we are a one-stop-shop.  By offering services from concept through production, we are able to build long lasting relationships with our customers.

QTI Design & Prototype is not limited to just sheet metal.  Over the years we have worked with PCB’s, plastic molded products, and machine designs.  Design, the beginning stage of our full service approach includes electrical, mechanical, & industrial. After this stage, we develop prototypes and test them for functionality.  Once our design team discovers all of the improvement opportunities and complications that may arise, we release our truly manufacturable designs to preproduction.

Before moving the design into production, we must develop the proper tooling.  We begin this process by evaluating available tooling for cost savings.  In most cases, we build soft tools, hard tools, or a combination of the two.  This allows for an efficient transition into full scale production.  Once manufacturing begins, our team manages the inventory and delivers the final product to our customers.

Fast forward to present day

Our design engineers are still working alongside the manufacturing engineers just like they did in 1995.  We are still using this full service approach to assist new and current customers.  The full service approach allows for our customers to enter and exit at any point in the process.

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