Industrial Design vs. Mechanical Design

Case Study

Creating a design that is not extremely complex is important when a company is in the developmental stages of a products life.  An industrial designer is able to create a model that is visually appealing and ergonomic…but more times than not, the concept may be incredibly difficult to manufacture.  As a result, a handful of companies have visited QTI Design & Prototype.  We are able to redesign an industrial design with an underlying goal of driving down the manufacturing cost.


A company visited an industrial design firm in hopes of designing a chassis for a Protocol Analyzer.  After developing a few concepts, the industrial design team established that each unit would cost $1,600 to manufacture.  In the meantime, the company was planning to produce 25 units.  The total cost would end up being $40,000 to manufacture.  The company was not impressed with this design and suddenly needed to find a new design team before time ran out.


The company reached out to QTI Design & Prototype in search of lowering the manufacturing costs without prolonging the release date.  Our mechanical engineers got straight to work.  They began by developing concepts that were less complex without affecting the look and feel of the product.  We have an excellent knowledge of sheet metal with an expertise of mechanical engineering.  This is because we are a subdivision of Quality Tool, a sheet metal fabrication company.  By the end of the project, our engineer team was able to release a final design that would only cost $360 to manufacture.  That equals $9,000 to produce 25 units.

By working with QTI Design & Prototype, the company was able decrease manufacturing costs by $31,000 (or 77.5%) per 25 units.  A mechanically sound design allows for companies to increase profits in the long run by making an investment in the early development stages of a products life cycle.

The mechanical engineers at QTI are experts in all aspects of manufacturability giving us an advantage over competition.  They research applicable concepts, develop 3D designs using SolidWorks, and create customized prototypes that are tested accordingly.  Quality Tool, the sister company of QTI, is a sheet metal manufacturer that provides the resources necessary to succeed.  With over 122,000 ft2 of facilities to utilize, our capabilities are endless. Contact us today to see how our engineers can help solve your problems.

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