The Role of Communication in Design

At any stage in product development, multiple individuals or teams may be involved.  In addition to teams and individuals who are directly related to the project, it is likely that there are also outside individuals involved, such as contract engineers.  Any time when there is more than one individual involved in a process, communication is imperative to success.  Specifically, in the field of product design, there is no concept that is more important than communication.

Communication Assists in Creating a Successful Multi-step Process

Product design and creation is a multiple-step process that involves countless variables.  The process begins with research, moves to concept design & prototyping, which leads to analysis and refinement, preproduction, design & product release, and finally ends with product delivery.  Without each of these steps, creating successful products would not be possible.  Furthermore, for the individuals involved, understanding the occurrences at each step in the process and the expectations

Communication Reduces Costly Mistakes

When working with other parties or your own team regarding design, you want to make sure that all details are communicated in a clear and concise manner.  In regards to the functionality of the product, you want to ensure that all aspects are tested and issues are identified before going to market.  If there are functionality features that are not included in prototype or are missed in prototype testing due to miscommunication, the mistake could mean a recall or reproduction of the product, which can be costly.  Furthermore, if issues are identified during prototype testing, but not communicated to the design team, they may not be remedied, which results in a less than desirable product and more time and money spent re-testing.

The moral of the story is that the heart of any good design process is communication.  When you choose to work with outside parties on your design, ask them about their communication plan and how they intend to carry it out when working with you.

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