3 Reasons to Invest in a Contract Engineer

Product design and production involve multiple steps, and it is important that each step is carried out as best as possible in order to create a successful final product.   Traditionally, in product design and development, teams were hired to carry out the entire process from start to finish; implementing the research, the testing, and the final manufacturing. However, this traditional concept does not compute anymore due to the fact that the most talented individuals and companies are virtually at our fingertips thanks to the internet.  Furthermore, there may be aspects of the product design and production process that you are able to carry out yourself without the help of additional individuals or teams.  However, there are situations in which a contract engineer may be a valuable addition to your team.

Contract Engineers Have Expertise

At every point of your design process, you want to have the best possible professionals working on your project.  Generally speaking, contract engineers have areas of expertise in which they advertise and pride themselves on being the best in.  Therefore, if you are experiencing an issue with a very specific aspect of your product, you are most likely able to find a contract engineer has expertise in that area.  This helps to ensure that you are getting the best possible solution to your problem, which will also help you to avoid related issues in the future.

Contract Engineers Provide Focus

When the same team works on the entirety of a project, it is hard to provide each step with undivided attention and respect that it needs.  By hiring expert contract engineers for each different step of the process, each step in the process gets expert attention.

Contract Engineers are Cost-Effective

Although hiring different contract engineers for each part of the design process may sound costly, it can actually be more cost-effective than hiring only one team for the entire process.  When you have experts working at each step of your process, you are more likely to avoid issues in prototyping and preproduction that will slow down final manufacturing, which is an expensive setback.

The mechanical engineers at QTI are experts in all aspects of manufacturability giving us an advantage over competition.  They research applicable concepts, develop 3D designs using SolidWorks, and create customized prototypes that are tested accordingly.  Quality Tool, the sister company of QTI, is a sheet metal manufacturer that provides the resources necessary to succeed.  With over 122,000 ft2 of facilities to utilize, our capabilities are endless. Contact us today to see how our engineers can help solve your problems.

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