3D Printing & Prototyping

Prototyping has been an important part of the design and product creation process for a very long time.  Functional prototyping allows for issues to be identified and multiple, individual aspects of the product to be tested to ensure that they are functioning properly.  In addition, visual prototyping allows for multiple versions of a product to be created in order to design the most appealing final product. For both functional and visual prototyping, 3D printing has revolutionized the process making it more simple and possible than ever before.

3D Printing Serves Multiple Purposes

From producing full-scale prototypes of products to producing individual parts, 3D printing can play a role in all steps of the production process.  During visual prototyping, a 3D printer has the ability to cost-effectively create visual representations of multiple versions of a product.  Due to the fact that a 3D printer is able to print in multiple colors, multiple materials, and create unique designs, it is ideal for testing what is most appealing to consumers.

In the process of functional prototyping, 3D printers are also ideal.  Due to their ability to create small parts, they are vital to solving many issues.  If during a prototype test, it is determined that a particular aspect of the product does not function properly, a 3D printer is able to create multiple different parts that can fix the issue and be tested to see which is best.

3D Printing is Cost Effective and Time Efficient

3D printing can take place on site and create product prototypes and product part prototypes in the blink of an eye compared to traditional manufacturing.  This feature makes 3D printing very appealing for designers who use multiple phases or create multiple designs to be tested before settling on a final design.  Additionally, 3D printing machines and materials for 3D printing are inexpensive, which makes it more cost-effective to test multiple designs in order to create the best product possible.

The mechanical engineers at QTI are experts in all aspects of manufacturability giving us an advantage over competition.  They research applicable concepts, develop 3D designs using SolidWorks, and create customized prototypes that are tested accordingly.  Quality Tool, the sister company of QTI, is a sheet metal manufacturer that provides the resources necessary to succeed.  With over 122,000 ft2 of facilities to utilize, our capabilities are endless. Contact us today to see how our engineers can help solve your problems.

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