3 Indicators of a Quality Prototype Design

As a potential product moves closer and closer to final production, there is a need to experience the product hands-on and identify potential issues. Through prototyping, designers and manufacturers are able to produce test models of products in order to ensure that they are releasing the best final product possible. A reliable prototype is an important part of product design, and not all prototypes are created equally.  Therefore, being able to identify a quality prototype and a quality prototype engineer is imperative to the success of the final product.


The majority of people who invest in creating a product prototype do so in order to test the functionality of the product.  Therefore, you want to invest in creating the prototype to have as similar of functioning to the final product as possible.  In doing so, you are more likely to be able to identify issues much more easily.


With functionality being the main reason for prototype creation, the visual appeal of the prototype design is not necessary.  When creating a prototype or consulting with professional prototype engineers, features such as color and exact shape and size should not be a high priority.  Although in the end, they do matter to the consumer, visual features do not need to be created for each prototype, as it may slow down the production process.

Efficient Production

In creating a perfect design that is ready for market, multiple rounds of prototypes may be necessary.  Each time an issue is identified, solutions must be constructed along with a prototype that tests the solution.  In order to be cost and time effective, the production process of prototypes must be quick and efficient.  If too much time is wasted waiting on a new prototype, money can be lost waiting for the product to go to market on time.

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