What is Preproduction and Why is it Important?

In the world of live theatre, the week before opening night is called “tech week”. Every night during tech week, leading up to the time before the first curtain, cast and crew come together for long hours and late nights to perform the show act for act. Test audiences are present and there are no “cuts” or breaks that would be out of place during a regular performance. Once the final scene is over, chaos ensues; Issues are identified, dissected, fixed, and practiced over and over until they are deemed “perfect.”


Preproduction is the tech week of design. Preproduction falls after the prototyping and assessment process in the design cycle and is the first part of the manufacturing process. During preproduction, all of the intended products and materials for manufacturing are used and manufacturing also most likely takes place in its intended environment. As a result of preproduction, a few products are created and used, with the intent of identifying any last minute or overlooked issues. Like tech week, preproduction is the final opportunity to perfect the product before it heads to market, anything that is missed will end up in the hands of the consumer and has the ability to cause the need for costly fixes and bad reviews.

Although most companies or product designers have the intent to eventually release additional versions of their product, releasing a bad product could be detrimental. It is important to perfect every version as much as possible in order to develop consumer satisfaction. For this reason, preproduction may arguably be one of the most important steps in the design process. By implementing a preproduction phase, the final manufacturing process is more likely to occur without errors or setbacks, which benefits not only the creator of the product but everyone involved.

The mechanical engineers at QTI are experts in all aspects of manufacturability giving us an advantage over competition.  They research applicable concepts, develop 3D designs using SolidWorks, and create customized prototypes that are tested accordingly.  Quality Tool, the sister company of QTI, is a sheet metal manufacturer that provides the resources necessary to succeed.  With over 122,000 ft2 of facilities to utilize, our capabilities are endless. Contact us today to see how our engineers can help solve your problems.

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