Our Work

Network Enclosure Design

QTI Design is a national leader for cost-effective and efficient network enclosures. We craft enclosures for complex multiple board applications to simple 1U chassis with a streamlined, price conscious approach. Our network enclosure designs include:

  • Rack mount equipment
  • Custom circuit boards
  • Multiple fan and layer assemblies
  • Toolless replaceable fans
  • Custom bezel designs
  • Single and multiple board assemblies

Medical Enclosure Design

Our medical enclosures are designed to pass all electronics, safety and environmental testing. QTI designed medical enclosures are used for top of the line

  • Medical carts
  • Electronic enclosures for medical equipment
  • Defibrillator calibration equipment
  • Medical testing devices

Electronic Assembly

QTI Design handles the full spectrum of electronic assembly from concept to final design solution. We assemble everything in-house using local suppliers and in-house purchasing, delivering a high performing product in a short turnaround time.

Custom R&D Systems

Prototypes, R&D systems and customized designs are our specialty. We employ Dimension Printing, electro-mechanical system design and cost-effective design techniques for one-off or low volume projects.